Cloud Contact Center

Enhance digital experience for citizens in smart cities using Consilium UniContact™ all-in-one AI-enabled cloud contact center.

Multi-Channel support for voice Calls, video calls, social media, SMS, email, fax and chat to deliver omnichannel CX.

Multi-tenant outbound campaign manager with features like campaign management, contact list priority, list management, do-not-call list, dial list and call back.

Built-in recording features for total recording, selective recording, recording-on-demand and silent monitoring.

UniContact™ is equipped with a built-in CTI agent desktop and can be easily integrated with third-party CRMs to provide a unified view of all customer information on the agent desktop.

ACD - 8000

ACD-8000 Features

  • Supports Multi-tenant and Multi-language Contact Centers
  • Supports Built-In Linux, MAC, Windows or PAD (Android, iPad) CTI Agent Desktop
  • Easy integration with CRM by using Webservices URL
  • Provides Intelligent Service Levels / Queued Call skill-based routing and Business rules
  • Provides KPI Analysis and Performance Reports Charts
  • Supports Video Calls, Text Chatting, Email, SMS, Fax and Web messages
  • Supports leading CTI middleware vendors

IVRS-7000 Features

  • Supports g.729A, g.711, g.722, GSM codecs
  • Supports T.38 Real Time FAX
  • Supports Time of Day Routing
  • RFC2833/SIP into DTMF support
  • Drag and Drop call flow editor
  • Supports flexible HTTP/HTTPS hook methods
  • Maximum 256 concurrent IVR channels supported
  • Modular and scalable solution
  • Fully integrated with CTI attached data
IVR- Cloud Contact Center

SIP Logger

  • Supports total, selective and 100% recording
  • Supports recording on demand
  • Supports silent monitoring
  • Supports automatic compression and archiving
  • Supports audio compression to multiple formats like GSM/MP3/PCM/G.711 A-law/µ-law
  • Supports Hitless HA redundant mechanism
  • Supports stackable N+1 redundancy
  • Web based GUI interface to retrieve and search calls
  • Automatically records the incoming/outgoing calls routed from analog, digital and VoIP lines
  • Supports rule-based mechanism to restrict recording of certain calls
  • Embedded Audio Player to listen to interactions, select and analyze the recorded audio files

Deliver seamless connected Customer Experience (CX) through all-in-one Cloud Contact Center Solution

Unify all voice and digital, self-service, and inbound and outbound interactions across phone, email, chat, text and other social media channels.

Cloud Installations

On-cloud serverless set-up for faster installation

On-Premise Deployments

Choose on-premise set-up for secure installation

Easy Customization

Customize your CTI integrations with CRM connector interface and integrate it with any third-party applications

Advanced Features

Advanced call controls including Call Answer, Call End, Hold, Transfer, Consult, Conference, CRM Screen Transfer, and Click-to-dial features

No extra agent training cost

Easy integration with current applications eliminates additional training for agents


Advanced agent & team performance reports for improving team’s productivity

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