Intelligence Suite

Improve business intelligence (BI) and decision-making with Quality Management best practices and powerful analytics and reporting to drive customer service excellence.

UniQM™, the quality management solution from Consilium provides Call Scoring and a recording feature that allows supervisors to evaluate and score each agent interaction and to search & playback 100% recorded screen and voice calls.

UniInsight™ and UniDashboard™, the BI and analytics solution from Consilium have in-depth metrics to track and improve forecasting and multi-device and intuitive Dashboard with in-built KPIs and 100+ contact center customized reports.

UniQM™ offers a library of reports that provide a holistic view of call recordings and scoring, enabling you to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions.

UniQM™ is a comprehensive, secure, and dependable solution for recording and analyzing 100% of contacts, and it enables you to record conversations along with business data from your contact center platform and CRM.

Consilium UniRSM™ - a software tool integrated into the Intelligence Suite of Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that supplements quality monitoring and whisper coaching will provide this feature for remote managers and supervisors to monitor agents through voice-enabled commands.

UniRSM™ SIPREC (SIP Recording) feature supports media recording for Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) streams with CUBE or Oracle ACME SBC (Session Border Controller) acting as the Session Recording Client, and it sends a copy of a media stream to the UniRSM™ recording server.

The Agent Buddy tool is a new feature of UniRSM™ 9.0 that gives agents a browser-based user interface to submit "Request Supervisor Coaching" requests while on a call.

Supervisors may have a glance at the agent’s desktop, including monitoring/coaching audio, which gives them a complete picture of each agent's interactions using the screen-sharing feature of UniRSM.

Silent monitoring

UniRSM™ Remote Silent Monitoring and Coaching Solution

Consilium UniRSM™ is an ideal solution for remote supervisors or managers to perform real-time silent monitoring and whisper coaching of agent-to-customer conversations by dialing in through IVR or through web interface.

  • ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) enabled Remote Silent Monitoring
  • Whisper Coaching
  • Agent Buddy Tool
  • Webviewer 
  • Screen Sharing
  • AI-enabled Intelligent Monitoring
  • Advance Reporting and Analytics
  • Security enhancements and encryption of Recordings
  • Smooth transitions to cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure) deployments
  • Call Scoring

UniQM™ Quality Management and Recording Platform

UniQM™ is a comprehensive, secure, and dependable quality management and call recording solution for recording and analyzing 100% of contacts, and it enables you to record conversations along with business data from your contact center platform and CRMUniQM™ supports both built-in-bridge (BiB) and SIPREC recording methods in CUCM, CCX, CCE, and WxCCE environments.

  • UniQM™ Dashboard and Reporting: Build highly customized reports and dashboards to display a holistic view of call recordings.
  • Call Scoring: The UniQM™ solution also provides for call scoring feature for each call. The KPIs for scoring are highly configurable and can be set accordingly for each department of the organization.
  • AES 256-bit encrypted recordings (protects the organization from physical theft or unauthorized access of the file system storage devices.)
  • On-demand enabling/disabling of agent extensions for recording.
  • Licensed per configured agent extension to be recorded, more economical than the ‘named agent’ licensing model used by other vendors.
  • Web interface to search and playback recorded calls
  • 100% Call and Screen Recording to capture all the customer interactions
  • Call Evaluations
  • Analytics and Reporting
Intelligence Suite
Intelligence Suite

UniInsight™ and UniDashboard™

Consilium UniInsight™ is an intuitive business intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics solution that combines AI with predictive analysis to gain 360° Insight into your contact center productivity and simplified business operations to drive better and timely decisions. UniInsight™ provides intuitive Report Designer, responsive-design multi-device UniDashboard™ product with a Dashboard and Wallboard for desktop or mobile use, KPI Builder, and Floor Manager.

  • Actionable Insights
  • Contact center metrics and SLAs
  • Real-time dashboards and KPIs
  • KPI Builder
  • Customized Reporting
  • Wallboards
  • 100+ CCE/CCX Customized Reports
  • Reporting Templates to existing BI solution
  • Floor Manager

UniVOX™ Nex-Gen Speech Analytics Solution

Consilium UniVOX™ is part of the Intelligence Suite of Consilium’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that combines quality management and speech analytics to gain insights into customer satisfaction and behavior, and to improve contact center performance. UniVOX™ converts the offline and real-time audio or call recordings into text and analyzes audio information to enhance the quality of contact center agent workflow.

  • Accurate Transcription: Industry-leading transcription accuracy of 100% of calls.
  • Profanity Detection: To analyze if any bad word is spoken.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Uses automated machine learning-based sentiment analysis to identify warning trends impacting customer experience and proactively identify coaching opportunities, improving CSAT and NPS.
  • Call Intent: Discover the customer’s intent.
  • Speech Speed: Count no. of words per second.
  • Audio Player Controller: To play audio of agent and customer conversation.
  • Search Word: To highlight the word in transcript and waveform points on audio control when a word is found.
  • Audio Waveforms: Interactable waveform of audio files on the screen.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Agent compliance, performance and call scoring reports are available.
Speech Analytics

Improve Agent and Contact Center Performance with Business Intelligence (BI) Suite

Combine Quality Management and Analytics to improve decision-making and gain unique Insight with AI-Powered Intelligence Suite.

Enhance Agent Efficiency

Improve Agent Productivity

Real Time Dashboard and KPIs

Business Intelligence and Insights

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Intelligence Suite

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