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The Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) from Consilium combines interactions, management, and business intelligence (BI) into one unique platform to deliver AI and omnichannel-enabled connected digital experience for Cisco, Genesys and Amazon Connect cloud and on-premises contact center solutions. CEP helps businesses reimagine their customer experience (CX) by providing intelligence to aid agents’ customer interactions, smarter and faster decision-making, and automation of management tasks.

Interaction Suite

Deliver a digital-first customer experience (CX) across voice and digital channels, combined with AI and video technology using UniAgent™, UniContext™, and UniXpert™ gadgets.

CRM CTI Connectors
Unified Agent Desktop
Contextual CX
Smart CTI Integration

Management Suite

Focused on providing advanced provisioning methods and service automation workflows with UniCloud™, and an industry-leading outbound list and campaign management in UniCampaign™.

Digital Campaigns and Clicker Agent
Best-Time-To-Call (BTTC) Strategy
Contact Selection Rules (CSR)
Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM)

Intelligence Suite

Combines recording, quality management (QM), intelligent monitoring, and speech analytics with powerful reporting using UniVOX™, UniQM™, UniRSM™, UniDashboard™, and UniInsight™.

Business Intelligence (BI)
AI-enabled Quality Monitoring
Sentiment Analysis
Agent Buddy and Screen Sharing

Cloud Contact Center

Enhance digital intelligence with All-in-one Cloud Contact Center from Consilium.

Emergency Response
Self-Service IVR
AI-enabled Bots
ACD and SIP Logger

Next-Gen Video & AI

Elevate Your CX with next-gen AI and Video enabled Consilium UniVCX™ and UniCh.AI™ solutions.

Conversational AI
WCAG and JAWS compatible Video Kiosk
Biometric Authentication
Enterprise-Grade Security

UniCare™ Professional Services

Uplift your contact center investments with UniCare™ Professional Services for new-age CX.

Certified Webex CC Partner
Expertise in Amazon Connect and AWS
Cisco APIs and CVP VXML Development
Third Party CTI Application Development

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