Management Suite

Deliver a rich suite of powerful service automation and management capabilities with automated omnichannel outbound campaigns, advanced provisioning methods, and service automation workflows with Consilium UniCampaign™ and UniCloud™ solutions integrated into the Management Suite of Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

Intelligent outbound digital campaigns to proactively engage customers on voice and digital channels like SMS, and email.

Contact Selection Rules (CSR) with template-based global filters that allow filters to be re-used and template creation with a set of global filters.

Multiple calling lists can be assigned to the campaign and priority can be assigned to each calling list. The campaign will start dialing contacts based on the highest priority assigned to contact list.

The contact list can be rechurned for redialing based on Call results and Agent Wrap-up.

UniCampaign™ has a target-based dialing capability, once the target is met, the system automatically stops dialing.

Each contact record is uniquely identified using UID (unique identifier) feature.

Contacts from the list can be appended, deleted and sorted in run-time using this feature.

Schedule the best contacts (voice, email, and/or text messages) for each time range of the day using Consilium's proprietary AI-based autonomous self-learning BTTC engine.

Multiple calling lists can be assigned to the campaign and weightage can be assigned to each calling list. The campaign will start dialing contacts based on the weightage assigned to the contact list.

Multiple layers of DNC filtering and scrubbing of litigation participants using, internal custom database and gryphon.

UniCampaign™ offers a Freeform SQL module for customers to write customized queries and can fetch data and custom reports for outbound campaigns to download in CSV format from the database.

A unified multi-vendor integrated UniCloud™ customer engagement platform for single-pane-of-glass Unified Communication UC and Contact Center CC management.

This feature allows filters to be re-used and template creation with a set of global filters in contact selection rules (CSR).

Specific-agent outbound dialing; when only the specific agent assigned to the customer; also sometimes known as virtual relationship managers in the context of the BFSI industry; are intended to make the outbound calls

Allows a sequence of campaigns to run, such that as soon as one campaign ends, the next one starts automatically, and the voice campaign can be followed by an SMS and email campaign.

Distribute calling lists to agents with human intervention, allowing them to dial the contact when the use of an automatic dialer is not allowed by legislation.

A self-care portal for managed services specific automation of MACDs (moves, adds, changes and deletes) that enable end - user empowerment and streamlining of Day-2 operational tasks.

System alerts and audit reports can be generated to check overall health of system.

Management Suite

UniCampaign™ Outbound List and Campaign Manager

UniCampaign™ is an omnichannel List and Campaign Management (LCM) solution with intelligent outbound campaigns and conversational engagement to proactively engage customers on voice and digital channels like SMS and email and is designed to automate all elements of outbound campaign execution, including business workflows, prioritization of contact channels, and handling responses from contacted leads via multiple channels for multi-vendor Cisco, Genesys Cloud, Amazon Connect and on-premise contact centers. Furthermore, it provides entire real-time customer journey experience management.

  • Omni-channel CX
  • Right Party Connect (RPC)
  • TCPA and GDPR compliance
  • Telemarketing and Collection Campaigns
  • Dynamic List Management
  • DNC Scrubbing, Global Filters, Contact Selection Rules (CSR)
  • UniCampaign™ Dashboard-Advance Dashboard and Reporting
  • REST API's to integrate with third party systems
  • Digital and Agentless Campaigns
  • Contact List Prioritization, Weightage Based Dialing
  • Best-Time-To-Call (BTTC), Campaign Chaining, Rechurn List
  • UniCBM™ Callback Manager
  • CRM integration

UniCloud™ Contact Center Provisioning & Automation Platform

UniCloud™ is a powerful service automation and provisioning platform that enables service providers to create, manage, and support multiple tenants within the Cisco UC and Cisco/Genesys cloud contact center platforms using a single-pane-of-glass view that unifies both, UC and contact center provisioning. The platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, HR systems, and ITSM systems through our robust RESTful APIs.  UniCloud™ allows seamless data migration, making it a breeze to provision and set up your contact center in Genesys, Amazon Connect, or Cisco.
  • Single Pane-of-Glass for UC and CC provisioning
  • Automate MACDs
  • Bulk and Quick Provisioning
  • Monitoring Module
  • Granular Level Security and Delegation
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Advance Reporting and Analytics
  • Day-0, Day-1, and Day-2 Provisioning
  • Assurance Module

UniSupervisor™ For WxCC

UniSupervisor™ offers supervisors a single-pane view within the Cisco Webex Contact Center ecosystem, integrating Cisco Webex View, MS Teams View. This unified platform facilitates oversight of teams, queues, and services, with real-time monitoring of performance metrics and workflows. Administrative tasks, including managing critical flow values and post-call surveys, are simplified with features like the Supervisor Management Console - CC Navigator. UniSupervisor™ consolidates tools, streamlines processes, and provides data-driven analytics for informed decision-making, ensuring an optimized contact center management experience.

  • CC Navigator: It eliminates the need for updating/editing the media flow from the Management Portal, enabling supervisors to do it from the WxCC desktop instead.
  • Post-Call Survey: It simplifies update/edit of Surveys in Place both for voice and Digital Channels . It enables efficient assessment of customer satisfaction scores, gathering valuable feedback for service enhancement.
  • Supervisor Tools Support(WxCC)
  • Microsoft Teams Integration


Consilium UniStudio™ is your solution for rapid IVR call management. With the ability to quickly implement changes to your contact center hotline prompts and configurations, UniStudio™ ensures seamless operation even in urgent situations like national holidays. It provides on-demand access to technical team members, empowering you to efficiently address evolving needs with ease.

  • Enhanced Prompt Management
  • Ad Hoc Announcements Flexibility
  • Emergency Mode Operations
  • Holiday Calendar Configuration
  • Granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • . Audit Trail for Enhanced Security and Accountability
  • Incorporates Text-to-Speech (TTS) Capabilities
  • The Latest Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Unified with Consilium UniCloud

Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) solution for Contact Centers

Consilium UniCloud and UniCampaign are a multi-device, multi-vendor, and multi-tenant, BCOM solutions and offer comprehensive integration to business and user lifecycle events.

The power of omnichannel engagement on voice, text-SMS, messaging or email channels

Integrated compliances with TCPA, GDPR, CCPA regulations

Smart campaign design with APIs to connect to your custom apps and file imports

Maximize agent productivity using best-in-class statistical and predictive algorithms

Unified management for multi-vendor, on-premise and cloud-based environments

Workflow automation for system administrators’ routine tasks and MACDs

management suite

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