Consilium Cisco SolutionsPlus

Cisco SolutionsPlus allows Cisco sales teams and channel partners to order Consilium’s Cisco Compatible software products directly from Cisco.  This means that Consilium’s products can be quoted, sold, and fulfilled just like any other Cisco product.

The value for Cisco and their partners is that it gives them high-quality, well-integrated and complete “applications solutions” to complete their UC and contact center portfolio.  The added benefit is streamlined order fulfillment, allowing the full bill of materials to be purchased directly through Cisco from a standardized global price list (GPL).

Consilium is among a handful of Cisco Solution Partners selected by Cisco to qualify for Cisco SolutionsPlus, and the only one providing the full range of applications for Cisco UC and contact center CRM integration, outbound contact management, real-time monitoring, provisioning and service automation.  

Consilium customer experience management solution – UniAgent™ offers you the right environment to efficiently manage each interaction and seamlessly deliver Omni-channel experience to your customers. UniAgent™ lets you select the right channel at the right time, applying all relevant information and context to deliver a unique and personalized experience across the customer’s entire journey.

In production for last 8 years, Consilium UniAgent™ provides productized CRM integrations to Cisco contact center solutions for more than 15 CRMs, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Siebel, BMC Remedy, SAP, Pivotal, CA Service Desk Manager and more.

Consilium UniCampaign™ assists you in reaching out to your prospects proactively and lets you keep track of your campaigns with real-time campaign analysis. UniCampaign™ for Cisco outbound contact center automates and centralizes campaign and list management, significantly decreasing manual involvement and simplifying the implementation of dialing strategies. It complements the strength and robustness of Cisco’s dialer technology with the tools contact center managers need to define and control which records to call, and when and how they should be dialled

A web-based application displaying your contact center metrics visually for faster tracking and better decision. UniDashboard™ is designed to empower business users with the ability to analyse and track key business metrics real-time, anticipate contact volumes, and optimize workforce productivity. Thus simplifying your intra-day operation management

Consilium’s Business Communication Operation Management platform, UniCloud™, allows easy transition of your unified communications and contact center applications to cloud-based delivery, empowers service providers and enterprises to quickly achieve their UC goals through extensive integration options and analytics, and simplify MACD (Move, Add, Change, and Delete) delivery across vendors. Consilium has increased the scope of its flagship product to include Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business and Exchange. 

UniCloud™ provides business workflow process for provisioning, self-care, migration, monitoring, analytics and billing in a multi-vendor environment. With both cloud and premise-based solutions, UniCloud™ continues to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, ease of use and manageability while bringing down the total cost of ownership.

Consilium UniAgent Xpert™ is a light weight CRM connector contained within Cisco® Finesse as a Developed based on the market demand for a CRM connector based on Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop (FAD), UniAgent Xpert™ provides CRM integration, CTI-based screen pop up, lower professional services costs, and no additional IT infrastructure costs. 

UniAgent Xpert™ leverage standard Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop. The customer information is presented inside the UniAgent™ gadget in Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop upon an incoming call ringing event or an outbound call. The screen pop will occur in a separate browser tab or browser window or within the Cisco Finesse CRM gadget if required. 

Consilium UniAgent Xpert™ Advantage

  • Consilium on Cisco Finesse: Leverage standard Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop
  • CRM Screen Pop – Better customer experience as customer identification step is instant, lower AHT
  • Custom Fields – add more CRM data fields as required
  • Calabrio Call Controls – To Stop or Pause recording for PCI compliance and for agents to add call metadata
  • No Separate Server / VM needed As it is co-resident on the Cisco Finesse server as a gadget
  • Lower cost – Due to minimal professional services requirement
  • Less CRM-side expertise As the CRM UI remains un-changed
  • IT friendly – Simplicity of architecture and standard Cisco TAC support for Finesse Agent Desktop